1926 Canadian Census to be Released this Year

92 years ago there was a census taken in Western Canada, the 1926 census is due to be released this year. The census covered the Western Provinces of Canada; Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The census was taken on June 1, 1926, more information on the census can be found on the Government of Canada website. 

Wikipedia reports the population of Canada in 1926 was 9,451,000, but it doesn’t state what the population was in those three provinces.


I am still looking for the information that was asked in this census. I also have not been able to uncover the release date for the census.

In preparation, I am creating a list of surnames and places that will be of interest for my family history.

My search will include the following surnames:

Harrop – Balcarres, Saskatchewan, Alberta & Manitoba
Stewart – Yorkton, Saskatchewan
McRae – Alberta

My husband’s family –

Greber – Saskatchewan
Hawkesworth – Alberta
Hodgson – Saskatchewan
Schinkle – Manitoba
Schielke – Manitoba & Saskatchewan
Whitman – Saskatchewan & Alberta
Wiesner – Saskatchewan & Manitoba

And who knows who else will show up once I begin hunting!

Do you think it will be indexed upon release or shortly thereafter? I checked the Library and Archives website but I didn’t find any mention of the release date or if there is an indexing project in place.

I would recommend in preparation for the census release creating your own list, and share it!

Who will you be searching for?

6 thoughts on “1926 Canadian Census to be Released this Year

  1. My great-great uncle, Arthur Barlow. AFAIK, he was still living in Calgary in 1926. Also, maybe I’ll find other members of my family who emigrated to Ontario in the teens, had moved west by the twenties 🙂 So sad BC isn’t included 😦

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  2. June James says:

    Every time a census is released it brings new life to my family tree. For those that moved west it is your turn. I guess I will have to wait another five years for those that stayed in Ontario.

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  3. Edith says:

    Hi Patricia, The name Stewart is recorded in the York Farmers Colonization Company Guide and record from 1884(eventually York Colony became Yorkton). Joseph & Duncan Stewart from Aberfoyle, Ontario, They homesteaded at N. 1/2 20,27,2 and W. 1/2 28,27,3.
    In 1927-29 The city of Yorkton’s Mayor was A.G. Stewart.

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