Military Resource: Royal Military College, Kingston

Canada’s Royal Military College is located in Kingston, Ontario, opening in 1876 with the first class of 18 students graduating in 1880. More history on the college can be found on the Government of Canada’s website.

The Royal Military College Museum houses many resources that are of interest to genealogists.

The RMC Museum’s website has digitized online the Commandant’s Reports from 1876-1920 with some years missing. Scrolling further down on the same page and another amazing resources is the yearbooks RMC Review that cover the dates 1920 – 1940. There are some issues missing, a big gap between 1927-1934 but still worth a look if you suspect an ancestor attended the College.

Another website that have copies of the RMC Review digitized and online is the Toronto Public Library, they have 15 issues; 4 from 1920-1929 and 11 from 1930-1959.

RMC Review front cover 1924

The Museum also contains artifacts, photographs, uniforms, art, etc. and is also a part of Fort Frederick, in Kingston, Ontario. I have added it to my growing list of places to see AC (After Cov-id).

*photo of the Royal Military College (1910) was found on the Toronto Public Library website and is in the public domain.

Military Resource: Vancouver Gunners

In looking for lesser known Military resources in Canada I came across this website: Vancouver Gunners. The site explains that it covers the Artillery on the mainland of B.C. and specifically the 15th Field Regiment.

The site has a Nominal Roll that you can look through for your ancestor. Another great resource on the page is their Yearbook, this is slightly different than a typical yearbook. It explains on their webpage it is a “collection of memories over the history of the Regiment”. The yearbook starts in 1910 and goes all the way to present day and has biographies for the soldiers and there are also photos for some.

Good luck with your Military research!

Military Resources: Digitized Yearbooks 1943-1995 Victoria, B.C. Naval College

In the lead up to Remembrance Day I plan to write about some lesser-known Canadian resources for researching your military ancestors.

The lastest find is “The Log which is the yearbook for the Royal Roads Military College located in Victoria B.C. These are digitized and available on-line for the dates 1943-1995.

The first edition that is on-line is for 1943 but keep in mind that it is Volume 5 so potentially there could be earlier ones, although there is no mention of earlier editions on their site.

There is no searchable index so it does mean a bit of slogging to go through each year, but if you have an ancestor who attended the RRMC this resource is not to be missed.

Cover of “The Log”, 1943

The RRMC site is well laid out, easy to use and the yearbook pages are clear, so kudos to the College for having this resource available.

*featured image from pixaby