Newspapers at BAnQ

I live 4,000 kilometers away from where I need to do most of my genealogy research and because of that, I rely heavily on what I can locate online.

I often go back to a web site and redo searches, try new variations in the hopes that I will come across something new.

Yesterday I searched the newspapers (again) at the Quebec Archives site BAnQ and had success.

The first article was a death announcement for Caroline (Jeffrey) MacKay. Caroline was the daughter of Robert Jeffery and Elizabeth Tipper. She was married twice, her first marriage was to Frederick Yates / Yeates in 1841. By 1851 they had buried two children and Caroline was a widow. She married a second time to James MacKay in Montreal in 1851. By Caroline’s death in 1885 at the age of 63 she had buried two more children. The only mention in the newspaper of all these tragedies was little notice in the Quebec Morning Chronicle & Commercial & Shipping Gazette in May 1885 of Caroline’s passing.

Jeffrey Caroline d 1885 Morning chronicle and commercial and shipping gazette, 28 mai 1885

At Richmond, on the 20th of May, Caroline Jeffery, eldest daughter of the late Robert Jeffery, Master stone cutter, of Quebec, and beloved wife of James McKay, Esq.

My favorite find was the notice of death of John Tipper. I had been searching for what happened to John for years. What I knew was that he was born in 1803 in Kingston, Ontario to John Tipper & Gertrude Cudlipp. John’s mom Gertrude had died in 1805, John’s father was a soldier with the Royal Artillery had gone blind and had been put to pension. John Tipper Jr. married Catherine Unkles Taylor in Quebec City in 1839, he was a butcher by trade and had one son that survived childhood. His wife Catherine and son end up in New Jersey with no trace of the father. I always wondered what happened to him, and now I know. On August 10, 1849 John died in Quebec. I have yet to find the record in a church for his death or a burial location, but at least I know have a date to work with.

John Tipper d1849

On the tenth inst., aged 46, Mr. John Tipper, Butcher.

One little line with no details other than his age, death date, and occupation, but I was so happy to find this notice yesterday! I did spend some time looking through the church records on Ancestry but so far have not found his death entry. To date I have not found the burial location in Quebec City for John’s parents, some of his siblings and their children, it has been frustrating not knowing where this family is buried. I keep hoping to find one death record that mentions where their final resting place is.

One other small notice that made the paper is John Tipper Jr.’s son, again John Tipper traveling to Richelieu, PQ from New Jersey in 1887.

John Tipper - L'Étendard, samedi 17 septembre 1887

John Tipper – L’Étendard, samedi 17 septembre 1887 M. John Tipper et sa dame, d’Englewood, N.J. sont enregistres an Richelieu

The hunt for the Tipper family continues!



Finding Relatives In Wills

I have the will of a relative John Tipper who passed away in Englewood, New Jersey in 1916. John was the only child (surviving infanthood) of Catherine Unkles Taylor & John Tipper born in Quebec City April 25, 1840.

John and his mother move to Englewood, New Jersey in 1866 where John is a very successful butcher. His mother Catherine U. Tipper died in 1881 in Englewood, later John married Charlotte Harrison about 1885.

John and Charlotte did not have any children but were close with the Taylor family in Englewood who were also John’s cousins. John passed away in Englewood Dec. 6, 1916 and his wife just days later.

John’s will has helped me to track down many relatives of this branch of the family. The will revealed many unknown relatives. Names listed in it are Mrs. J.H. Elliott of Atlanta, Georgia; Mrs. W.G. Argabrite of Lewisburg, Virginia; Mary F. Martin of Englewood; Isabella & Irene Unkles; Willard Cass; Ethel B. & Hazel D. Taylor & Lottie Tipper Taylor all of Englewood.

One find of note, Mrs. W.G. Argabrite was Frances Emily Unkles and first married to James Applewhaite Donnelly. James was born in Barbados and was in the states working for the British Consulate. I am sure there is more to be found about this couple!

Resources used:  The Book OF Englewood,, Find-A-Grave, Ancestry & Family Search.

Page from John Tipper's will

Page from John Tipper’s will

If any of these people are in your family tree let me know, my goal is to find a photograph of John Tipper and his wife Charlotte.

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