Shout Out to Random Acts of Photo Restoration Facebook Group

Random Acts of Photo Restoration Facebook Group is one of my favorite genealogy Facebook groups. The people there volunteer there time to fix pictures that are torn, faded, blurry and otherwise damaged. The kind people there do the best they can to touch them up for you, for free!

The group has over 14,000 members and somehow everyone gets taken care of. There are other rules that you should read through before you make your first post, general etiquette, and rules of the group. You are asked to scan your picture at 300-600 dpi and then upload it to the file section of their page. That way the photo doesn’t lose resolution and makes it much easier to work with.

An example below of the magic that can be produced. This photo I uploaded and requested colour to be added. I posted the picture and the specific colours of the soldiers’ uniform and a day later a kind soul had created this for me. Notice he even removed the crease in the picture!

Other family members were super excited to see the photograph in colour. It added ‘life’ to the picture! 54570F5F-E584-45F4-A278-8404F74AC96CIf you are like me and do not have the tools to create this I do recommend this group, and a big shout out to all the people who work on the pictures, from a very happy member!



8 thoughts on “Shout Out to Random Acts of Photo Restoration Facebook Group

  1. Rebecca Boyd says:

    I have our wedding photo that is a bit faded & wanted to give to our granddaughter. I posted on facebook if anyone knew of a place that would restore & I was given your ‘name’ Random Acs of photo restoration. How much do you charge to restore our wedding photo? Would I have to mail it to you? Thank you, Sincerely, Rebecca Boyd

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