Where Are the Marriage Records for Saskatchewan?

Yesterday I went to the Saskatchewan Vital Records website to see if they had finally added the marriage index, and I was sad to see that nothing had changed.

The website still indicates that they will work on the Marriage index when they have completed the Death index.



Don’t get me wrong the site is great and I have been able to find numerous people in the Birth and Death index, but what is the hold-up on the marriage records?

Maybe we need to copy what they are doing in the US with Reclaim the Records. This is a group that is going after institutions that are making it difficult to access certain records.

I decided to go ahead and make a guess for the marriage year, filled out the forms, uploaded my picture ID and that was then I realized the price. They are charging me a whopping $55.00 for a marriage record. This has to be the most expensive genealogical record in Canada!


C’mon on Saskatchewan, follow Alberta’s lead, get those marriage indexes online and lets drop that price! You can do better than this.

*Featured image – St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan   found on Wikimedia Commons.

11 thoughts on “Where Are the Marriage Records for Saskatchewan?

  1. Leslie Eakin says:

    I agree! I got a marriage certificate from them a couple years ago. It was $50 at that time. They’re increasing their prices rather than bringing them in line with other provinces. BC has a lot of records online for free, & so does Ontario.

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  2. J Adams says:

    Is there an marriage index where you can even locate the marriage. I’m not sure they was married in Saskatchewan and certainly don’t want to pay $55 just to find out.

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  3. Batb says:

    How do you get a Saskatchewan marriage license from 1912 then?
    Is there a way of you don’t have all the online information?
    I am next of kin.


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