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A discovery yesterday over at further proved my theory of the connection of descendants of the Jeffrey family from Quebec.

I have written about the Jeffrey family in a series of posts and thanks to a search at the newspaper’s website I have found another link binding the descendants. If you are curious here are the links to my previous posts; Robert Andrew Jeffrey, Elizabeth Jeffrey, Margaret Stockell Jeffrey, Hannah Pozer Jeffrey, Caroline Jeffrey

Yesterday I found the wedding announcement for Lillian Emily Phillips. Lillian was the granddaughter of Margaret Stockell Jeffrey and her first husband George Humphry a ship captain from Devon, England. I have spent years tracking down the complicated lives of the Jeffrey family and this clipping further confirmed the connections I have been making.

The news article was printed in The Standard Union Brooklyn, New York, October 15, 1903. Lillian was married to Arthur DeForest and the newspaper was kind enough to mention the attendees of the wedding. The mention of an imported wedding dress passed down through the mother’s family is so intriguing to me, I would love to find a photograph and hear the story about this dress.

DeForest wedding 1 The Standard Union Brooklyn NY Oct 15 1903

Philips & DeForest wedding The Standard Union, NY Oct 15 1903

DeForest wedding 2The Burroughs and Sutherland family from East Sound, Washington were descendants of Margaret’s second marriage to James Atkins and half cousins of the bride. From Chicago was the Simonds and Milligan families who were descendants of Margaret’s sister Elizabeth (Jeffrey) LapriseDeForest wedding 3G & W Jeffrey would be descendants of Margaret’s brother Robert Andrew Jeffrey of Levis, Quebec.

I am still trying to figure out the connection that Miss G & K Perkins of Cornwall, Ontario has to the couple. I built out their tree and there was nothing obvious to me as to the link.

I have also been using DNA to make connections to these long-lost branches. The enthusiasm amoung the matches about links that tie us back to Robert Jeffrey and Elizabeth Tipper in the early 1800s may not match mine but I am persistent! I have found the descendants of Robert Andrew Jeffrey almost all in the USA are very willing to put up with my requests!

For me, the Jeffrey family research has been a journey of rediscovery. Each person found helps me to piece our family back to a beautiful mosaic of families, countries, loss, and survival.







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