Hannah Pozer Jeffery

Part three of a series I am writing about the Jeffery sisters. If you want to read more Part I & Part II are here.

Hannah was almost a New Years baby, as she was born Dec. 30, 1832, in Quebec City.  At her baptism, the following month which took place at St. Andrew’s Church, Alexander Jaffrey (likely her brother) and Mary Fletcher became her godparents.

In the 1852 census, Hannah at nineteen is working as a servant at the home of William White an accountant. The White family lived in a two story house, with parents Mary & William, two young children, a sixteen-year-old young man as well as another servant Mary Ganatry from Ireland.

Jeffery, Hannah 1851 census closeup

Hannah Jeffery in the White household in the 1852 Canadian census.

In 1854 at St. Andrews Church, Hannah married a ship Captain from Great Yarmouth, England, Richard Lee Norton. Her younger sister Elizabeth along with her husband George Robertson were witnesses.

Hannah’s life seems fairly straightforward compared to her sisters, she had eight children, six boys, and two girls. Alfred the youngest son died at the age of eight of Arthritis and her daughter Elizabeth succumbed to the flu at the age of 34.

I have found the name of only one of the ships her husband captained and that was a steamer ship The Montmorenci, which was mentioned in their son Thomas’ baptism in 1857.

In the 1891 Canadian census, the Norton family is living in Montcalm Ward, Quebec City. Hannah is listed as the wage-earner, working as a caretaker,  her husband Richard, age 77 is unemployed. Hannah is the only one in the household who cannot read or write, her sons still at home are working as a beer bottler and Express driver.

In 1893 Hannah’s husband Richard passes away and is buried at Mount Hermon Cemetery.


1893-10-30 QuebecMorningChronicle

Quebec Morning Chronicle Oct. 30, 1893


I am told Hannah and her daughter Caroline never lived apart, when Carrie married Peter Jordan in 1900 I assume Hannah joined them.

The Jordan family moved to Montreal about 1910 and seven years later at the age of 84 Hannah passed away.


Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 10.51.15 AM

Clipping from my grandmother’s scrapbook


Her body was brought back to Quebec City for burial with her husband Richard at Mount Hermon Cemetery.

Norton headstone

Norton stone in Mount Hermon Cemetery ca 1930

*No matter how much I have searched on various record sites Hannah is still ‘missing’ in the 1901 & 1911 censuses. One thought is she could have been visiting her children on the night the census taker came knocking and was missed.

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