DNA Search Tip

A quick tip to try when looking at your DNA matches, why not try searching the surnames of the Godparents on your relative’s baptism.

We know how important Godparents were and more often than not they were related in some way to the parents. Why not do a search for their names you have found but still are not 100% sure of the connection. You can do this by using the search feature on the DNA site for any matches.



FTDNA search box


It may signify a connection and lead you to undiscovered branch in your tree.

I am going to try this for the names McGregor & Clark listed as Godparents below, although common when making contact with the match I can also ask the question them if their family was living in the same location at that time. The

The testee I am using would be the great grand nephew of Anne Tipper listed below.



Baptism of Ann Tipper 1796 in Quebec

My fingers are crossed for a breakthrough for me or you! Let me know if you try it too.

Update: I had to add to this post because after doing a search I did find a MCGREGOR! I have to go send an email. Fingers-crossed!

Screen_Shot_2017-08-05_at_2_59_18_PM 2




  1 comment for “DNA Search Tip

  1. August 7, 2017 at 6:44 am

    great hint! I never thought of including the godparents in the DNA search.


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