Social Gathering in Montreal, 1930s

I was sent a copy of two photographs of my great grandmother Caroline (Norton) Jordan and a large gathering of people. The Jordan family was living at 1899 Papineau Ave, Montreal and the date of the photographs are about 1924 & 1930.  I am looking to find the names of the people in them and the information on the event.

Carrie was very involved in the Rebekah’s and similar organizations and I cannot help but wonder if this may consist of members and their children?


Jordan, Carrie with group in front of house

Carrie Jordan back row 2nd from left, her son Herb front row centre in dark suit c.1924

The second photo of Carrie with unidentified people –



Jordan, Carrie with people

Carrie (Norton) Jordan front row in white c.1935


Let me know if you recognize someone or have a copy of this photograph.

Thank you for sharing.




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