The Rebekah Collection Pt.1

I am in possession of my grandmother Beatrice (Jordan) Dever’s papers that consist of numerous items from her involvement with the Rebekah Assembly in Quebec,  the female branch of the I.O.O.F. Her passion for this organization led her to numerous positions throughout her lifetime and I know she was especially proud to serve as the International President in 1957-1958.

Going through this collection I realize that there is probably items of interest to people outside of our family. I am looking to donate her papers, photographs, and other items to an archive in the future, but for the moment I thought I would share some of the things that may have a wider appeal.

The first item I want to share is a listing of the members whose names were on the Charter of Cresent Lodge No.18 in Montreal which was organized on Oct. 1, 1907. A quick google search did not turn up more information on Cresent Lodge.

*This information is from a list that is handwritten and any transcription errors are from me deciphering the writing. I wish full names had been listed but this is how it appears on the sheet. I have organized them alphabetically by surname.


Bannister, Miss C
Barrie, Miss R
Beck, Miss I
Beckwell, Miss A
Brown, Miss A
Brown, Miss J
Brown, Miss M
Brown, Miss R
Bruce, Miss I
Buxton, C.W.
Carson, Miss M
Cooper, Miss M
Cooper, W.
Dickson, A.W.
Dickson, DJ – PGM
Dickson, Miss I
Dodds, Miss L
Doherty, Mrs. RJ
Doherty, R.J.
Dorion, Dr. W.A.
Earls, L.H.
Etienne, Dr. A.A.
Etienne, Miss AL
Etienne, Miss LM
Etienne, Mrs. AL
Farlinger, Mrs. A
Fels, D. PG & Mrs. PP
Ferguson, Miss C.
Ferguson, Miss S.
Garland, M.B.
Glennie, John PG
Glennie, Mrs. J
Goodall, Miss B
Gorham, C.F.
Greeley, Mrs. E
Greenhalgh, R.
Higginbotham , C. PG
Hudson, Miss FM
Ives, C.K. PG
Kennedy, Mrs W
Kennedy, W – Grand Chaplain
Knowles, Miss A
Knowles, Miss R
Laurin, Mrs AR
Leacock, I.M.
Lenioyne, Mrs. E
Loveday, Miss E
Lyster , L.J. PG
Mackay, Miss I
McBride, G.M.
McGowan, W.J.
Morrison, Miss J
Morrow, Mrs. MJ
Norkett, W.L.
Norkett,Mrs. WK
Olssen, Miss A
Owen, Mrs. E Pearl
Paton, Miss M
Patton, Mrs WH
Place, C.A.
Poole, Miss B
Potter, FJ – Grand Secy
Priest, D.N.
Prowse, Miss L
Pryde, Miss R
Racey, C.A.
Rintoul, J.L.
Rintoul, Miss MB
Rintoul, Miss MV
Robinson, W.W.
Roxborough, Miss A – PNG
Russell, Miss L
Russell, Miss M
Sears, J.O.
Shirlow, J -GM
Skelcher, I. H.  PG & Mrs. PP
Smith, D.G.
Smith, J.S.
Stevenson, A. J. PG
Strong, IV
Sullivan, J.  PG
Sunderland, Mrs. WE
Sunderland, W.E.
Temple, L.B.
Temple, Mrs. LB
Weippert, C.N.
White, F.C.




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