More Newspaper Finds at BAnQ

If you follow my blog you will know I have been having an absolute blast searching through old newspaper. The BAnQ (Quebec Archives) site has either made some changes to their search engine, added new papers or I have gotten WAY better at searching!

A few of my latest finds include

  1. a clipping of A. E. DeForest from Brooklyn visiting their cousins in Quebec City, the wife of Peter Jordan. This clipping further solidifies that Margaret Jeffrey who married James Atkins had a daughter Lillian who married Arthur DeForest. Her visit was to Caroline (Norton) Jordan who was Margaret Jeffrey’s niece.
    Liliian & Arthur DeForest visits Peter Jordan family

    Quebec Chronicle, July 17, 1908

    2. a fantastic story of William Jordan being recognized for his long military service. He was presented with a “gold-mounted ebony cane”, I wonder what happened to the cane?

    Wm Jordan long career retires 1905

    Quebec Chronicle Sept 29, 1905

Serg. W. Jordan Honored on Retirement from Service on the Citadel

The members of the Sergeants’ Mess R.C.G.A., assembled together yesterday afternoon to present Sergt. W. Jordan with a gold mounted ebony walking cane as a souvenir on his retirement from the service. Just thirty-four years have elapsed since Sergt. W. Jordan joined the then School of Gunnery at the Citadel, Quebec, having thus served longer than any officer, non-commissioned officer or man in the permanent force of Canada. The Sergt. was one of the first to join under Col. T.B/ Strange after the withdrawal of the Imperial troops from Quebec in 1871. The late Col. C. E. Montizambert was the second in command at that time. This non-commissioned officer served in the Northwest rebellion and wears the medal of that campaign; also the long service and good conduct medal. At present this veteran is represented in the permanent corps by two sons, one Q.M.S. Instructor at an early period in his career.

 Nevertheless, the old soldier is hale and hearty and retires with the earnest wishes of his comrades that he may live for many a long day to come to enjoy the munificent pension of 62 cents per diem, and thus serve as an object lesson to the youth of Canada aspiring to fame and wealth.

I wonder if the last few sentences were tongue-in-cheek?

3. This clipping was a great discovery as I did not know about Richard Lee Norton jr.’s military career, nor had I ever laid eyes on him!

Richard L Norton II

Quebec Chronicle, June 23, 1902

Color-Sergt. Richard Norton

Son of the late Captain Norton, of Yarmouth, Eng., was born in Quebec in 1859 and joined the 8th Royal Rifles in 1870, when Lt.-Col. Reeves was in command, and remained in the corps up to the present day, and is one of the crack shots of the regiment, being a member of the Rifle Association from its origin, and was a member of the team that carried off the British challenge shield at Ottawa in 1886 and also a member of the team that won the Gzowski Cup at Ottawa the following year. He also holds the D.R.A. bronze medal, the C.M.R.L. special badge for the aggregate of 1897, P.Q.R.A., also badges for the 1891-93 and 1897, etc., together with having received a first-class certificate from the St. John, P.Q., R.C.R.I. He received the long service decoration May 9th, 1902.

A Color-Sergeant is the equivalent of a Warrant-Officer.

I have really been enjoying my discoveries! Other things I have found are school achievements, sicknesses and on top of obituaries, when relatives acted as pall-bearers at a funeral.


  3 comments for “More Newspaper Finds at BAnQ

  1. Linda Maitland
    October 2, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    Wow, I’m going to have to take a good look at this. You’ve found some great stuff!


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