Update to the Quebec City Prison Database

A new discovery when I was on the BAnQ website (Quebec Archives) they have updated their Prison record index.

My family seems to have used the facility quite often over the years and I have benefited from the index. Well, first I was a little shocked and once I was done processing what the records were telling me I was thankful that my obviously skewed perception of my ancestors was corrected.

One of my ancestors started using the Gaol when she was 8 and was detained 5 times that year. Her siblings also saw the inside of the walls of the Quebec City jail and what is now the Morrin Centre in Quebec City.

I wrote about Anne in this blog post Arrested at Age 8, Anne Reddy’s Story

As I was saying they have updated the Prison record index with 25,777 new entries of our misbehaving ancestors. The link to the records Persons incarcerated in the prisons of Quebec, 1813-1907, 1914

Here is the information included in the index

screen shot 2019-01-18 at 11.26.18 am

And thanks to Gail Dever I have learned that the original Prison Books are online BAnQ so here is the original entry for Anastasia (Anne) Reddy and her sister Cecilia. (One of her many entries)

Enjoy hunting down your naughty relatives! I will be doing the same.


  1 comment for “Update to the Quebec City Prison Database

  1. January 19, 2019 at 4:57 am

    That is so interesting, I wouldn’t have thought to look at something like that.


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