Interior of St. Matthew’s Church, Quebec City

A recent trip to Quebec City and I was once again walking paths, cemeteries and the roads of my ancestors.


St. Matthew’s Church, 2018

I was able to find out the hours of St. Matthew’s Church which has been converted into a library and made a point of visiting. I had read that the original baptismal font was there and I wanted to see it. Many of my family members had been baptized at the church including my grandmother Beatrice Jordan in 1901 and two of her siblings.

The interior of the church was breathtaking, the walls honouring those that have passed away.


Memorial to the 3 sons of Edwin & Mary Pope


Memorial to the WWI war dead


Memorial to JH Ogilvy & Jesse wife of Charles Percy Dean

And the baptismal font!


the baptismal font in St. Matthew’s Church

Other photos of the interior

I also learned that St. Matthew’s Cemetery has a walking tour Podcast which can listen to at home or when touring the cemetery in person. Along with the podcast, the history of the church can be found on the Ville de Quebec website.

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  1. September 8, 2018 at 7:31 am

    Beautiful building! That’s quite an ornate font.

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