Court-Martialed in WWI

Day 9 of the 11-day Military Challenge

One of my relatives Karl Louis Harrop was court-martialed during WWI. After looking at his service file I also ordered the records of his court-martial from LAC. The new papers had a few hard-to-read statements and no much. What happened to Karl?

Karl Louis Harrop was born in Lancaster, Ontario to parents Robert Louis Harrop and Ella Bolster. His father worked for the C.P.R. and the family was stationed in many places across western Canada.

At the start of the war in September 1914 Karl signed up for service, becoming a part of the Canadian Machine Gun Corps. According to his file, he was never, “hit, buried or bombed” but then goes on to say that he was bombed during training in 1915 and received an injury to his head.

In 1918 when Karl’s battalion was advancing he made himself abandoned his position and went missing and was subsequently arrested. Shortly after his arrest, he was admitted to hospital and further examined. His court-martial file includes statements from fellow soldiers describing him as nervous around gun-fire (really?) as well as having nervous tremors.

Upon returning to Canada Karl spent time in the Cobourg Hospital where he continued to recover from the trauma of war. The Doctors felt that his condition was on account of 3 plus years of service and that he was improving.

In 1921 Karl is living with his parents and siblings in Vancouver and working as a laborer.

Karl moved back to Saskatchewan and was living in Regina when he died in 1957. He appears to have never married or had children. Karl is buried alone at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Riverside HARROP, Louis Karl d. 1957 Memorial Park Cemetery, Regina

Memorial found on Find-A-Grave

Military service was not a picnic.


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