Souvenirs of War

Day 6 of the 11-day Military Challenge

My grandfather John M. Dever was a Signaller during WWI and he came home to Montreal with a few souvenirs from his time in overseas.

DrawingDever John WWI drawing

DEver John drawing back

France Oct 26/18 Picked up a few yards from the front line.

I have often wondered about the artist and the subject but I have not had any success finding information about either.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 3.15.45 PM.png

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

Postcard in German –

Dever, John M. Postcard - German pg.1

A post to the Genealogy Translations Facebook group gave me some answers –

“Out of Love” is the front of the postcard

?hausen, June 1, 1918.

Dear brother, it is in very good health that I take the quill to write you a postcard. I’m quite fine and hope that the same is true for you. Mother sent you a postcard, too, on May 31.”

The address was a little more difficult, so with possible errors –“Kasimir Gollensteiner”,  (Fussersatzabteilung, 2.Batterie), can’t read the third line. Fourth line says “Deutsche Feldpost”, German military mail.

Dever, John M. Postcard - German pg.2

Poster – Another interesting item he returned home with is this poster which he wrote on the back “I took this off of a wall of a room in a chateau in Tilloy a few days before we captured Cambrai.”

Dever John WWI poster

Google translate tells me the poster reads

The enemy is listening! Caution on the phone!

I am grateful to have these items of my grandfather’s.


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