Instagram & Your Genealogy Pictures

Genealogy Photo A Day

Our genealogy photographs often sit on our hard drives or in stacks of albums in our homes, Instagramming them is a great way to put them to use. The person behind this idea is Melissa Dickerson and her website is called Genealogy Girl Talks.

How to Join in the Fun

Genealogy Girl Talks gives us the month of prompts to follow and each day we add a photograph that describes the prompt. Instagram also gives you unlimited space to add details about the picture and before you upload add the hashtag #genealogyphotoaday & #genealogyphoto and your photo will be added to the growing community of genealogists that are taking part.

Surprising Outcome

One outcome for me is rediscovering what is actually in my photograph collection but possibly more exciting is that my family is too.

My kids are on Instagram and they are seeing some of these pictures of their ancestors for the first time. They are also learning about their ancestry without realizing it (like little subliminal messages). It has started conversations that I am sure we wouldn’t be having if I wasn’t taking the time to share these photographs.

February Prompts

Here are the prompts for the month of February –


Be sure to follow me on Instagram, my handle is @famtreesrch. I can’t wait to see your pictures!

The image on top o this post is today’s prompt – trinket. I bought these two characters on my last trip to Quebec City. They represented a sailor (1840) when my ancestor would have been working as one at that time. The second figure is a Quarantine Officer from Grosse-Ile and I am sure many of my ancestors traveled through it when arriving in Canada.



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