Discovering Mind-Mapping

Ok, so I know I am late to the party on mind-mapping but I seem to be late to most parties.

I am determined to learn some of the techniques that the genealogy giants keep talking about. I attended Thomas MacEntee’s session on Mind-Mapping and after fumbling his introduction I sat down to see what it is all about. Thomas introduced us to a quick and easy use way to mind-mapping called Popplet. This is a free-to-use program, of course if you subscribe and pay you will get more bells and whistles. I wanted to give it a try and decided to map out what little information on I had on my ancestor Michael McMahon. Like many of my Irish ancestors, he proves a bit difficult to research (note: I didn’t say impossible, which is how I feel!)

I logged into Popplet and started writing and adding records. It didn’t take me too long as I I don’t have oodles of information, but what I do have now is a visual and I like visuals. Here is a peek at what I created in about 15 minutes.

McMahon - popplet

I will also share the link to my popplet and where you can actually read the graphics and see the comments that I made. All in all a great tool and one that I will use more in my research.

And if you have some clues for me to discover where them McMahon’s be hiding be sure to comment!

  2 comments for “Discovering Mind-Mapping

  1. June 12, 2016 at 8:49 am

    I missed this one when I attended OGS 2016 and now I want to give this a try! Thanks for this post!


    • June 19, 2016 at 12:02 pm

      There was so much to see at OGS it was hard to pick which session to attend. I hope my post helped you explore mind-mapping!


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