George Beveridge Norton – Canadian WWI Service #847698

George Beveridge Norton was born in 1893 in Sherbrooke, Quebec to parents George Robertson Norton and Sarah Arnold. George was baptized in 1895 in St. Andrew’s Church, Quebec City.

George grew up there with his four siblings but after their father died in 1912 the family made the move to Montreal settling on 1066 Henri-Julien street. In 1916, George enlisted in the first world war. George stated on his enlistment papers that he was born 4 September 1894 when in actual fact he was born a year earlier. This initially had me stumped but made sense once I had a look at his brother’s enlistment.

On his enlistment papers George listed his mother Sarah as his next of kin and that he was a bartender by trade. He was 5’8.5″, a Presbyterian and was considered fit for duty on March 30, 1916. He stated he was his mother’s sole supporter and the had two brothers in active service. George left for England and arrived at Havre on August 13, 1916. George had a weak heart and in 1918 was invalided on the H.S. Brighton and then posted to the Quebec Regimental Depot in Bramshott. George returned home on the Aquitania and arrived in Halifax on January 24, 1919.

George was officially discharged on February 17, 1919 and planned to move back with his mother Sarah at 192 Mountain St. in Montreal.

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