A New Adventure – Genealogy Summer Camp

I live in a fairly remote location and do not often get any Archives to do hands-on research. This has led me to hiring researchers but I confess this doesn’t give me the same sense of satisfaction as digging through and locating records myself. I love that feeling euphoria when I find a record that mentions my ancestors.

I am thrilled that I will be heading out this weekend to Toronto and take part in their Genealogy Summer Camp!

There has been some prep to the trip. We had to fill out a questionnaire about our ancestor and what information we were looking for.

We also had to decide which religious archives we wanted to go to. I picked the United Church Archives, although I do have some Catholic relatives as well.

We received our itinerary yesterday and I was delighted to read how well organized our days will be.

I am hoping to get familiar with the repositories as I plan to be back in 2016 for the OGS Conference that will be in Toronto. Now if only Ottawa branch would offer a camp as well!

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