4 Steps For Finding Quebec Notary Records Online

Yesterday a post by Gail Dever alerted me about a webinar hosted by Family Search covering Quebec Notary records. I arrived to the webinar in time and enjoyed watching the class and learned ow to find Notary records online.

I have spent quite a but of time working with the index to Quebec Notary records created by Ancestry. At Ancestry some of the records have been added but for the most part I have found it is mainly an index. If you keep reading you will find out how to find them online.

Usually when I find a file at Ancestry that I want to order I jot the information and send a request to the Quebec Archives (BAnQ). Now I know an easier way thanks to Family Search, because they have the records on their site!

Here’s the process

Step 1

At Ancestry do a search on their Quebec Notarial Records 1637-1935 (a search on the Catalogue should help you locate the record set, if the above link doesn’t take you there). My search results for Robert Jeffrey shows quite a few so I will look for the 1821 record, since I know that will not be his son.

Screenshot of search result for Robert Jeffery at Ancestry’s Notarial Records

Click the View Record or hover your mouse over it to see added information. I clicked the underlined one on the above list and here is what is shown on when I hover my mouse over it.

Step 2

Copy down the information that is underlined above, you want the date of the record, the act number and super important is the Notary name, as the Notary name is how you will be searching at Family Search.

Step 3

Head over to Family Search and log in to your free account. Once you are signed in at the top headings hover over search and in the drop down menu click on Catalog. That should lead you to a page that looks like this –

Ok, if you have gotten this far you are doing great! Almost there! Click on Author, on the next page *do not put in anything in the place field*, but in the Author field put the Notary’s name. (Please note that not all Notaries records are here but there are many and definitely worth searching.)

Step 4

Once you have been successful in finding a Notary name click it and below that you will see the record set.

Click on Actes de notaire and you have arrived. Scroll all the way down the page and you will see all the films that Family Search has for that Notary.

List of records for Henry Griffin at Family Search

I need #3793 and once I find the correct film, I click the camera icon at the end of the line and voila I am looking at the microfilm from my home.

Now all I need to do is make my way through the film checking the top left corner to see what number I am at and using scrolling/ jumping ahead by changing the number in the Image box I make my way to the record.

Hugh McAdam & Robert Jeffrey #3793 found on Family Search

As I cannot read french I am grateful that this record is in English. This Notary record is Hugh McAdam complaining about the work done by Robert Jafferey who he had hired as a stone mason. A nice nugget for my research on Robert.

Hope this is helpful and you, like me will enjoy looking through these records.

*featured image free from Pixaby

Don’t Miss Out on an Event in Your Family Tree by Using This Neat Trick

Do you want to know if today was the day your grandparents were married or a cousin’s birthday?

If you have an iPhone and one of the genealogy apps you can do a few quick things to see what was happening on this day in your family tree. (I am guessing this can also be done on an android phone).

The first thing you will need to do is download the Ancestry app or whatever genealogy program you are using to your phone. You can find it by doing a search in the app store.


(These are the apps I use but I am guessing Legacy and others may also have this option)

Once you have downloaded the app you can allow notifications from the app but there is also another thing you can do.

On the iPhone from your home screen, you have the ability to swipe all the way right to left and you will reach a shortcut screen. Here you can select various items like weather, news and your genealogy app.

How you do this is at the very bottom you will see an edit button, selecting that takes you to the Widget page. This page allows you to add or take-away what is being shown on your shortcuts.



My Widget page

The red means to take away a widget and if you scroll further down you will see a green +. Select what you want to see on your shortcut screen and voila, your notifications will look like this. Because of this I rarely miss an event from my Family Tree.



Today marks the marriage of my great Aunt Mabel

I check this feature every day and will often use the event as a blog post.