Canada’s 150th Genealogy Challenge

Let’s celebrate our early ancestors, it is because of their contributions that our country is such a wonderful place to live!

List all your ancestors that were living in Canada in 1867, the dates they arrived (can be approximate) and where they first settled.

Here is my list –

Name                             Date                           Place

Dever, James                 1862             Picton, Ontario

Hodgins, Thomas          1820            Huntley, Carleton Co., Ontario

Harrop, Lewis               1849             Etobicoke, York Co., Ontario

Jeffery, Robert                1818            Quebec City

Jordan, Samuel              1851            Quebec City

McMahon, Cornelius    1851           Normanby, Grey Co. Ontario

Murdie, Joseph              1818            Bathurst, Ontario

Potter, Mary                   1834           Huntley, Carleton Co., Ontario

Stewart, William           1846           West Flamboro, Wentworth Co, Ontario

Tipper, John                   1796            Quebec

Now it’s your turn!