Hold On To Your Hats, The Census is Coming

I have written two previous blog posts about the release of the 1926 Canadian census that covers the western prairie Provinces.

1926 Census to be Released this Year & 1926 Census When – No One Knows

The information on Library and Archives Canada website about the ’26 census has not changed but we are not completely in the dark as to what is going on.

I am happy to report that someone does know. A comment on my blog indicates that the census has been passed to Family Search and their transcribers are working their magic to get the census in our hands.

Nancy states they are indexing

“Name, land description, relationship to head, sex, marital condition, age, place of birth (province if Canada, or Country) ethnicity and year of immigration. Not being indexed is Father’s place of birth and Mother’s place of birth, year of naturalization, mother tongue, and education.”

This is amazing news and thankfully Nancy took the time to give us an update. Hopefully, we will have access to this soon!

A big Canadian thank you to Nancy and all the indexers at Family Search!


19 thoughts on “Hold On To Your Hats, The Census is Coming

    • I think the date may depend on the location of where your family lived. But nowhere I have looked is a date for the census mentioned.
      One would think summer would be more hospitable for the census takers in the prairies though.


      • That’s what I am hoping! Would be nice to see them all because I have a photo of the family at the time. Would be great to put the photo and census on a scrapbook page together! Can we look at the unindexed portion if we know where they lived? Same as 1921 Census but missed my youngest two uncles as both born after 1921.


  1. Barry E. Kirk says:

    Anyone can participate in the indexing of the 1926 Canada Census. Just go to FamilySearch.org, then under “Indexing” go to “Web Indexing” and seach for the Canada batches (there is only one batch for Canada, at this time). You can index a page at a time. I’ve done indexing in this census, since last Saturday. It is 30% done and 19% reviewed. Barry Kirk, AG


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